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5 Creatures That Can Invade Your Toilet and How to Prevent Them


While it may sound like a nightmare, it’s a grim reality that some creatures can enter your home through your toilet. The warm, moist environment of your bathroom can be irresistible to certain animals. However, you don’t have to tolerate these unwelcome visitors.

Whether large and bulky or small and creepy, there are measures you can take to keep these critters from crawling in through your toilet. Your safety is paramount, so always proceed with caution. If you’re ever unsure, it’s best to consult a professional.


Spiders typically don’t enter your toilet through the pipes, but they can hide under the toilet seat lid and even build webs there. In areas with dangerous spiders, it’s crucial to check your toilet thoroughly before sitting down. Keeping your toilet clean can also deter these eight-legged intruders.


In regions with a large lizard population, these creatures can find their way into your toilet. Lizards are attracted to water and are small enough to navigate plumbing systems. They often follow smaller bugs into your toilet, so maintaining a clean toilet can help reduce the risk.

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Rats can enter your toilet bowl through plumbing systems connected to your garbage disposal, in search of food scraps. To prevent this, avoid throwing waste food into the garbage disposal and dispose of it in the trash instead. If you’re still concerned, consider installing a specialized rat guard.


Similar to rats, small possums are adept swimmers, can hold their breath for extended periods, and can navigate narrow pipes. Keeping your pipes free of food scraps can deter possums. To clean your toilet pipes effectively, mix equal parts of sugar, water, vinegar, and 5-10 drops of dish soap, and flush it down your toilet. Boiling water can also be an effective deep-cleaning method.



Snakes are well-suited for navigating long, thin pipes and are attracted to cool, dark, wet environments. Most snakes found in toilet bowls are harmless, but it’s best not to take any chances. If you find a snake in your toilet, call pest control to handle the situation. Afterward, clean your pipes using the sugar, water, vinegar, and dish soap mixture to remove any food residue and prevent further intrusions.

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