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9 Ingenious Ways to Use Baby Powder in Your Garden


Baby powder is a treasure trove of home-remedy ideas. Beyond soothing baby skin, it can ease chafing, freshen up the litter box, and more. You can find it at most stores, including some dollar stores where it’s particularly affordable. Once you discover its uses for your garden, you’ll want to stock up on several bottles. This unassuming powder delivers surprising benefits and leaves everything smelling sweeter!

Protect Plant Roots

Shield your flowers from root rot by coating their roots in baby powder, which helps prevent excess moisture from causing damage.

Kiss Ants Goodbye

Banish pesky ants by sprinkling baby powder around the exterior of your home. Ants dislike the material and will steer clear. Alternatively, try a simple 3-ingredient solution.

Freshen Fido

Keep your furry friend smelling fresh by giving him a quick brush down with baby powder. It removes excess oil and leaves a pleasant scent.

Get Your Gloves Off

After a day in the garden, removing sticky gloves can be a hassle. Dust the inside of your gloves with baby powder before wearing them to make removal easier.

Keep Rabbits Away

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Sprinkle baby powder on young seeds to deter bunnies from munching on your plants. For older plants, try using garlic powder.

Keep Your Garden Boots

Fresh If your work boots or sneakers are starting to smell, sprinkle baby powder on the inside soles. It absorbs moisture, preventing mold and odor.


Deter Nighttime Visitors

Raccoons and opossums will avoid your vegetable garden if you surround it with baby powder. The powder irritates their paws, keeping them at bay.

Buh-Bye Beetles Combat

Japanese beetle infestations by sprinkling baby powder on your plants’ leaves. Reapply after rain until the beetle season ends.

Coat Tools

Prevent blisters and improve your grip by dusting baby powder on your garden tools. It also keeps your hands from slipping while you work.

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