Fruits and Vegetables That Looked Like Something Else

1. Headless Walking Carrot!

2. Tomato’s Duckling


3. Butterfly Strawberry


4. Apple that looks like Buttocks!


5. Buddha’s hand that fits like a Glove


6. A Romantic Potato in Shape of a Heart


7. Potato with an Erection!


8. Tomato with a Little Penis


9. A Dancing Brinjal


10. Thumbs Up Strawberry


11. A Finger-Shaped Potato


12. A Seductive Radish


13. Naughty Mushrooms


14. A Carrot that Looks like it is Having a Bath in Tub!


15. Penis Shaped Strawberry


16. A Walking Radish


17. Butthole Fruit


18. Vagina Pepper


19. Penis Shaped Chilli

20. Carrots Getting Intimate

21. Chayote that Looks like a Woman’s Torso

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