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Graduation: A Festivity Embracing Everyone


Picture the thrill of graduating college with Jerry Seinfeld as your commencement speaker. How amazing would that be? Well, for most Duke ceremony attendees, it was an electrifying moment.

However, a handful of graduates opted to leave during Seinfeld’s address. Yes, they actually exited their own graduation simply because a Jewish comedian was delivering the speech. This protest action is quite ironic, considering they missed a rare chance to hear an engaging talk from a renowned actor tired of left-wing, politically correct rhetoric.

The majority of Duke’s graduating class enthusiastically welcomed Jerry Seinfeld. I mean, it’s Seinfeld! The guy’s a legend. Walking out on that was just nonsensical. Even if you don’t find him funny, that’s perfectly fine. But show some respect for your alma mater and your fellow graduates. Don’t be self-centered and disrupt the ceremony just because you’re not fond of the speaker.

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Graduation is a celebration for all attendees, not just a select few protesters. By leaving, you not only dampened your own graduation experience but also disrupted it for others. And all because you didn’t like the speaker? You’ve put in years of hard work to earn your degree, so the least you can do is endure an hour and help make the ceremony special for everyone.


Let’s aspire to be better and demonstrate respect for others, even when our opinions differ.

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