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Passenger Records Unusual Scene on Bus to Humiliate Driver!


On a bus, an unusual incident occurred. The bus was full, it was an ordinary day, and the driver was quietly driving along.

One of the passengers noticed something odd on the driver’s coat; upon closer inspection, he discovered several insects crawling all over the driver’s neck and ears. The man was astonished to see hundreds of them.

He began to record the entire event and later posted the footage to Facebook. Primo Onipa, the passenger who recorded the incident, said in a Facebook post that the insects were lice and that he chose to humiliate the bus driver because he was so upset and disgusted by what had happened.

According to Primo, the driver smelled terrible and appeared not to have bathed or changed his clothes in more than a year. The unfortunate driver seemed accustomed to the parasites, as he no longer appeared to be bothered by them in the photos.

After viewing the video on Facebook, internet users expressed their outrage, stating that a man with lice should not be in charge of a bus carrying many passengers.

Lice are tiny insects that live on the scalp and feed on blood. When they bite, they inject saliva into the skin, causing itching.

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A louse is the size of a sesame seed and is gray-brown in appearance. Due to the optimal temperature conditions, the female secretes a chemical that ensures the attachment of the eggs to the hair; eggs are attached 3-4 millimeters from the base of the hair.

Lice usually infest areas behind the ears and the occipital region of the neck. Initially, itching may not be present during the early stages of infestation. The risk of secondary infection increases when the sores are scratched.


Since they are small and move quickly, lice are hard to spot. However, they can eventually be “caught” by covering the infested area with sticky tape. Lice are among the worst parasites for people, affecting self-esteem and self-image.

Experts say that lice are not an indication of poverty or poor hygiene, as they can infest even the cleanest of people. The main issue is that they can spread various illnesses and are transmitted from person to person.

Here are the images of the bus driver with hundreds of lice crawling all over him:

Unfortunately, the video was taken down by the uploader.

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