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Plus-Sized Model Responds to Criticism of Bikini Photos with Defiant Message: ‘Look Away’


A plus-sized influencer is pushing back against trolls who tell her to cover up her size 22 body. The woman, who proudly identifies as “unapologetically fat,” faced a surge of online criticism when she began sharing bold photos in scanty attire.

Despite the harsh comments, the influencer dismisses her critics, asserting that plus-size bodies are “hot” and look great in bikinis.

While some internet users admire her beauty and confidence, others argue that the negativity stems not from her fashion choices but from concerns about the health risks associated with excess weight. Read on to learn more about Abby Bible and her fight against online trolls.

In a world obsessed with unrealistic beauty standards, influencers like Abby Bible are essential in promoting self-love and body positivity.

Despite occasional negativity, the 25-year-old’s dedication to a positive mindset and her passion for fashion send a powerful message to her followers.

Standing 6-foot-1 and wearing a size 22, Bible frequently explains on Instagram that she refuses to conform to society’s “toxic” expectations.

“As a teen, I accepted that I would never be seen as ‘feminine’ because the media tells us we must be small, dainty, cute, and soft-spoken. Over the years, it was ingrained in me that being feminine meant being desirable and worthy of a good life,” writes the New York-based influencer. “I’ve slowly freed myself from these toxic thoughts…”

Appearing on Dr. Phil to discuss body positivity, Bible revealed she has struggled with weight since childhood. “At 14, I was about 200 pounds… I had a personal trainer who wasn’t very nice. They’d tell me that if I wanted friends, I needed to lose weight, and that no one would love me if I was fat.”

At one point, Bible lost 100 pounds, weighing around 235 pounds, but she says it “didn’t solve any of her problems,” and she remained unhappy “having the body everyone wanted.”

Now, in a loving relationship, Bible is on a mission to remind others that plus-size bodies are “hot” and look great in bikinis.

‘Look Away’ In a recent TikTok video with over 82,000 views, Bible is seen in a red string bikini, responding to a troll who said, “fat people shouldn’t wear string bikinis.”

“If you don’t like it, look away,” she captions the clip, playfully gazing into the camera and mouthing, “I don’t care.”

Many fans were supportive, expressing gratitude for her inspiration. “I bought my first [bikini] because of you. Seriously,” one fan writes. Another shares, “You look amazing; I wish I had your body confidence.”

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Amid the supportive messages, online trolls suggest she lacks self-respect.

“Well, you should care; that’s disrespectful to yourself,” one writes. Another asks, “Where’s your self-respect?” Yet another offers advice, “I’m a big [woman], and I say, just because they make it in our size doesn’t mean [you] need to wear it. Have some respect for yourself.”

Health Concerns

While the “unapologetic fashion lover” continues to wow her followers with fabulous fashion, she remains a target for trolls criticizing larger bodies.


The concern might extend beyond body shaming, considering her weight makes her susceptible to various health issues.

“All I see is a lot of strain on her heart and joints, but again, that’s her choice!” one user comments on Facebook. “However, the worry is when other health complications arise, such as diabetes, it just adds pressure to our crippling [national healthcare]!”

Another netizen states, “I don’t have a problem with body positivity unless it’s promoting a body composition with serious health risks as the new normal.”

“I fully believe in embracing inner beauty and that everyone is entitled to dress as they please, but… she is heading for all sorts of medical issues from diabetes, heart failure, and joint problems.” The comment continues, “I hope she still feels comfortable in her own skin when she is wheelchair or bed-bound. It is so sad that she can’t see the damage she is doing to her health.”

Bible has not addressed health concerns from her followers but reminds the public, “Just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re better than me.”

She adds, “I am an unapologetic fat girl… You can take it or leave it because I’m always going to be happy with myself.”

Ultimately, happiness is what matters, and if Bible feels she’s found it, we hope her health supports her continued happiness.

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