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She Underwent Multiple Surgeries for “The World’s Biggest Cheeks”: What Did She Look Like Before All the Cosmetic Enhancements?


In a world where beauty standards are ever-changing, Anastasia remains committed to her own happiness and confidence. She began her cosmetic procedures at 26 and has since become renowned for her striking cheekbones and amassed a devoted following.

Reflecting on her childhood, Anastasia fondly recalls playing with Barbie dolls and enjoying a privileged upbringing. Despite facing financial struggles in early adulthood, she chose to work rather than seek a sugar daddy, later sharing relationship advice online.

With a master’s degree in psychology, Anastasia aims to inspire others to leave toxic relationships. Her personal journey into cosmetic surgery started with lip fillers and Botox, motivated by a desire to feel beautiful for herself.

Embracing multiple surgeries, including breast implants and a Brazilian Butt Lift, Anastasia acknowledges the risks but remains undeterred. Despite online criticism, she receives positive attention in real life, though her friends sometimes find it overwhelming.

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Initially, her mother preferred her natural appearance but now supports Anastasia’s transformation. With backing from her mother and a vast social media following, Anastasia remains confident and open to the idea of reversing her surgeries in the future.


Her altered appearance has enhanced her love life and social media presence, though she plans to adopt rather than give birth.

Anastasia’s journey is a testament to self-acceptance and determination in the face of societal pressures.

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