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Stunning Mosaic Floor Unearthed in Italy


For nearly a century, archaeologists have diligently worked to uncover the remains of an ancient Italian villa. Recently, their efforts bore fruit with an astonishing discovery: a stunning Roman mosaic hidden beneath a farm in the hills above Negrar di Valpolicella, situated in northeastern Italy.

The intricately carved flooring is believed to be part of the same villa that was unearthed years ago. Composed of various geometric shapes and tesserae crafted from marble and glass, the mosaic forms captivating patterns. Beneath the vibrant mosaic, multiple layers of mortar reveal a history of ongoing repairs.

This finding holds significance not only for archaeology but also for the local community. The mosaic offers insights into the history and culture of this specific region of Italy, serving as a testament to the perseverance and dedication required to achieve one’s goals. It is hoped that this discovery will inspire future generations to continue their quest for hidden treasures.

Currently, experts and specialists are diligently researching the optimal and safest approach for excavating the exquisite mosaic floor, believed to have been crafted in the third century AD.

Over a century ago, diligent researchers made a historically significant discovery: a Roman mosaic hidden beneath a farm near Verona, Italy. Their excavation revealed fragments of the ground and the foundation of the Roman villa, providing valuable insights into a bygone era.

They will be able to meticulously excavate and preserve this piece of history without compromising its exquisite layout. By doing so, we can gain invaluable insights into how people lived in antiquity, offering priceless information about our predecessors’ culture and lifestyle.

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Moreover, this excavation may yield crucial details about their artistry and skill. Further research will illuminate the secrets of this captivating period, allowing us to better understand the past


During the previous summer, Verona’s Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Landscape team initiated a fresh excavation at the site, which had remained abandoned since 1922.

Shortly after commencing their search, they stumbled upon a captivating artifact that had eluded them for nearly a century. When Myko Clelland, an archaeologist who learned of the discovery online, shared a viral tweet, the news rapidly spread across the internet, generating significant public interest.

Now, the Superintendence must collaborate with the landowners and municipality to devise the optimal strategy for showcasing this archaeological treasure to visitors.

This intricate process requires both time and substantial resources; progress must be meticulously monitored throughout its duration. By making this previously hidden slice of history accessible to everyone, people can gain deeper insights into this unique culture and appreciate it from the proper perspective.

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