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What on Earth Is This? Woman Discovers Creepy ‘Two-Headed Snake’ in Her Garden


In the quiet town of Santa Fe, Argentina, 46-year-old Lujan Eroles experienced a moment of shock and awe when she stumbled upon a peculiar creature in her garden.

What she initially mistook for a snake turned out to be a fascinating example of nature’s mimicry—a 10-centimeter-long caterpillar disguised as a serpent.

This discovery left Eroles and her neighbors astounded, sparking intrigue and discussions about the mysterious creature.

Lujan Eroles recounted the moment she made the startling discovery, describing how her immediate reaction was to scream.

The unusual creature, with snake-like features and peculiar eyes, captured her attention, prompting neighbors to gather and witness the peculiar spectacle.

Eroles shared her amazement, telling National Geographic: “I have never seen anything like it. It was just like a snake, and its eyes were so strange.”

“I looked down and encountered the strange animal. Fear struck me, knowing that it could have been poisonous,” she said.

“We all thought it was a mutant animal, which is why we filmed it and put it online for people to give us their opinions.”

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The fear of encountering a potentially venomous creature heightened the intensity of the moment, and Eroles quickly realized that this was no ordinary find.

Seeking answers and eager to share her extraordinary encounter, Eroles posted a video of the bizarre caterpillar on the internet.

The footage quickly gained attention, sparking discussions and speculations about the creature’s identity and origin. The snake-like appearance and its relatively small size intrigued online communities, leading to a series of revelations about its true nature.

As the online community flocked to Eroles’ video, experts and enthusiasts weighed in on the identity of the enigmatic creature. It was eventually identified as a caterpillar belonging to a rare species of moth native to Central America. The creature, believed to be an Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar, has a remarkable defense mechanism—it mimics the appearance of a snake to deter potential predators.


It sports two large “eye markings” behind its head, fooling predators into perceiving it as larger and more dangerous than it actually is.

The snake-like caterpillar, lacking conventional defensive weapons, uses mimicry as a survival strategy. By imitating the appearance of a snake, a creature often associated with danger and venom, the caterpillar deters predators from making it their prey. This evolutionary adaptation showcases the ingenious ways in which species have evolved to protect themselves in their respective ecosystems.

Lujan Eroles’ chance encounter with the snake-like caterpillar not only intrigued her and her neighbors, but it also highlights the fascinating and rich biodiversity that exists in the natural world. The uniqueness of this caterpillar’s mimicry offers a glimpse into the complex and adaptive strategies that organisms employ for their survival.

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