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A Sensation: Boy’s Song Leaves Simon Speechless, Prompting Him to Kiss the Young Performer!


Luke Islam, a talented singer from New York, became a household name after delivering a show-stopping performance on “America’s Got Talent” (AGT). At just 12 years old, his incredible talent and undeniable passion for music earned him the coveted Golden Buzzer from judge Julianne Hough, propelling him into the national spotlight.

The Performance That Changed Everything

Luke Islam stepped onto the AGT stage with a calm confidence that belied his years. As he introduced himself, the judges and audience were intrigued by this young talent. When asked about his dreams, Luke expressed his deep love for Broadway and his aspiration to perform on the grand stages of New York City.


He chose to sing “She Used to Be Mine” from the musical “Waitress,” a challenging song that requires both technical skill and emotional depth. From the first note, it was clear that Luke possessed a voice and maturity beyond his years. His powerful and emotive performance left the audience and judges spellbound, resonating deeply and bringing many to tears.


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