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Invaluable Relationship Wisdom from a Divorced Woman (Attention, Ladies!)


Ladies, I truly believe this is the most valuable marriage advice you’ll ever receive from someone who’s been through it!

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This woman went through a divorce after 7 years of marriage, and here’s what she wants to share:

  • Always strive to see the best in your partner.
  • Be intimate with him regularly, even if it means all the time.
  • Seek guidance from older, experienced women who have successful marriages.
  • Sometimes, it’s best to let him have his moments of rest without feeling ignored.
  • Remember, it’s not your responsibility to change or fix him; we’re all on our own journeys.
  • Shower him with affirmations of his strengths and masculinity.
  • Appreciate that he chose you and never take it for granted.
  • Find humor in his jokes, even when they’re not that funny.
  • Take full responsibility for your emotions and reactions, just as he should.
  • Encourage him to be fair and supportive in return.
  • Avoid complaining when he returns home; let him unwind.
  • Love him in the way he understands and needs.
  • Embrace your femininity to remind him of his masculinity.
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  • Be attentive and present when he needs you.
  • Refrain from discussing other men, real or fictional.
  • Be open to sexual intimacy and show him your trust.
  • Importantly, don’t seek advice from strangers on the internet; it may not be suitable for your relationship.
  • Allow him the space he needs to grow and evolve.

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