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Mother Welcomes First Child at 66, Faces Ongoing Public Criticism


The day you become a parent is forever imprinted in your memory. It signifies the arrival of a unique soul who will rely on you for guidance and support as they navigate the world and chase their dreams.

In 2005, 66-year-old Adriana Iliescu joyfully welcomed her daughter Eliza into the world. Though Adriana’s story initially garnered widespread media attention, she has stayed out of the public eye for seventeen years. Recently, however, new images of her daughter have reignited interest in their remarkable journey.

Becoming a parent is a transformative experience beyond words. The overwhelming love and sense of responsibility you feel when you first hold your child are unparalleled. For Adriana, seeing her daughter gaze up at her filled her heart with the sweetest sensation imaginable.

Some individuals are destined to be immortalized in history, and Eliza Iliescu’s birth in 2005 secured a place for her and her mother among record-breaking achievements. At 66, Adriana became the oldest mother on record, earning a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Despite facing harsh criticism and accusations of selfishness and irresponsibility, Adriana remained steadfast in her decision to embrace motherhood later in life. In a candid 2010 interview, she defiantly defended her choice, asserting that age was just a number and insisting she felt as vibrant and youthful as ever.


Adriana’s path to motherhood was fraught with challenges and setbacks. After having to terminate a pregnancy in her youth due to health concerns and being abandoned by her husband at 24, she dedicated herself to her academic career as a professor at a Romanian university. It wasn’t until she was 57, with the advent of in-vitro fertilization, that her dream of becoming a mother became a tangible possibility.

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Despite societal skepticism and opposition, Adriana tenaciously pursued motherhood. After enduring a heartbreaking miscarriage and the loss of two unborn triplets, she ultimately welcomed Eliza into the world with the aid of fertility treatments.

Eliza’s birth stood as a testament to Adriana’s unwavering faith and determination, yet it also ignited controversy within religious circles. Some religious organizations disapproved of Adriana’s choice to have a child at her age, considering it unnatural and immoral. 

Despite the obstacles they encountered, Adriana and Eliza share a connection that surpasses age and societal expectations. At seventeen years old, Eliza is a vibrant and accomplished young woman who brings immense joy and fulfillment to her mother’s life.

At 83 years old, Adriana defies expectations, pursuing her passions with unwavering vigor. As a prolific author and part-time professor, she remains devoted to creating a loving and nurturing environment for Eliza while securing her daughter’s future.

As Eliza prepares to begin her academic journey, Adriana remains unwavering in her dedication to supporting her daughter’s dreams. Theirs is a tale of resilience, love, and the enduring bond between a mother and her child.

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